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When I was a puppy, everybody gushed over me, "So cute!" "What a sweetie!" "Oh, I just love little puppies!" And, of course, I basked in the shining rays of their adulation, accepted many back scratches and petting behind my ears, and took in all the meals and treats I could hold or at least, all I could get. The early spate of gushing hit a snag when my earl… Continue reading

When it comes to paintings, I'm not at all expertly informed, and any critique I might make stems only from what I find attractive.  There are many types of paintings that I enjoy, and many where the style names make sense, such as with Pointillism or Impressionism.  But why the ones they call 'still life' are so called is a mystery.

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An American poet, John Greenleaf Whittier wrote,"For all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been.'

As a photographer of little repute, I know all too well the sadness of the photo that might have been.

Among my specialties… Continue reading

My relationship with bugs (or, to use the technical term, insects) has always been a bit volatile. At the mere sight of a bug, instinct tells me to back away. The bigger the bug, the quicker I move. If one of them actually gets on me, people who know me best cover their ears to block out the screams, while strangers call the cops to report a murder in progres... Continue reading

The difficult thing about photographing wild birds is getting them to stay where they are. In a town or city, it's not so hard because the birds are used to humans, but in the country, it can be a real problem.

Of course, if you have one of those very expensive super-duper telephoto lenses (SDTL), you can stand in one spot and take ... Continue reading