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Ezzy and the Golden Crystal

Ezzy (short for Esmerelda), the good witch, and her friend, Arabella, face exciting adventures in trying to save the magic Golden Crystal from the hands of the evil wizard. Their journey takes them from Arabella's home country of Zellicon and through the dark forest of Muldoom, where they meet magical people, both good and bad, and try to help save the kingdom.

Ezzy Saves the King

Ezzy and Arabella team up together again when Arabella's father, the King of Zellicon falls under the enchantment of an evil witch. They travel to foreign lands to seek the cure to reverse the spell and save the king.

Deliver Me!

Deliver Me! is a volume of short stories and essays about dogs, some told by the dogs. The title story tells a fictional tale of an dog's adventure that starts from a search for treats in the back of a delivery truck.