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August 2013
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Old age has its privileges.  Twelve years ago, I was just a pup, and back in those days, I didn't know much.  When SHE Who Must Be Obeyed said, Come, I came...most of the time.  When SHE said, Sit or Down, I sat or lay down, just as I was supposed to do.  And I never, ever chewed anything up or stole any food or engaged in any of those types of criminal activities that some oth... More

Have you ever heard that newish “word” (which is not a real word)?  It's been around for a couple of years or so. You know the one. STAYcation. I mean, really. That's not a real word. You don't just take one word and stick it onto part of another word, and say it's a word.

Think about how ridiculous it sounds t... More