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August 2012
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Something rough and wet strokes my cheek. It's 5:30 am. The wake-up alarm system is in perfect order – a gentle lick from Pippa, a slobbery slurp from Scout.

I groan and hide under the covers. “Come on, please, just 15 more minutes?”

Plan B goes into effect. A forty-pound weight (Pippa) takes up residence on my stomach and canine claws (Scout's) scrape furiously at the pillow and my hair. “All right, all right!! I'm up!!”  Plan B always works.

You see how it is?  All through the ages they've said that Man is Master, and Dog is... well, dog.  But I don't think so.&... More

I hand out two bones to Scout & Pippa.  To me, these bones are basically the same, not much to choose between them.  How little humans know about bones!

The dogs start in on them.  Scout goes to work assiduously, licking, biting, gnawing away.  Nothing exists but the bone.

Pippa looks at her bone...looks at Scout's bone... Then she considers hers again, licks ... More