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July 2011
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We took our morning walk at about 7am.  It was a bit cooler than usual, thanks to a cloud cover, so I felt especially chipper.  We had almost gotten back to the house when I smelled this really powerful aroma coming from somewhere over in the high grass.

Everyone else headed inside, but I lagged behind and trotted over to investigate.   Even at ten years old, I still have a g… More
When you're a kid, it's a romantic idea to find a stray dog and have it follow you home.  Lots of times it doesn't work out the way you want it to.  The dog decides to go a different route, or already has a home, or your parents won't let you keep it.  I never found my own stray when I was a kid.  It took a lot longer than that.

A little less than fourteen years ago, I f… More
Saturday afternoon, and I just got through doing about 2 1/2 hours worth of mowing.  I'm really ready to just sit down in my favorite chair, put my feet up and rest, have a nice cold drink and read a book for a while.

Pippa walks out the dog door squeaking her little man toy, and I think, Oh, good, she's going out by herself for a change.  Not 30 seconds later, she's back in and l… More