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May 2012
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Ever watch your dog when he's asleep?  Sometimes they start to quiver and jerk their legs - running in their dreams, and then they start making this muted barking, a sort of high-pitched oof. Their mouths stay closed so their lips puff out with each Oof.  At first, they breathe evenly, then... twitch, jerk, oof, oof, quiver, jerk, oof! oof oof!  What ... More
All right, fellow members (and whatever non-members may drop by), I'm going to give this blog stuff a whirl and see what happens.  I give no guarantees, but it may just be so incredibly good you'll be begging for more!  Or maybe not. :)

So, our subject today is Velcro Dogs.  Now you ask, what is a Velcro Dog?

Well, think about Velcro - it's got two sides and they stick... More