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April 2012
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Hello.  My name is Joey, and I am a Barkaholic.

At least that's what they tell me.  I have no problem with the amount I bark.  After all, as long as I don't feel compelled to bark, what's the problem.  I only bark when I want to, and I can stop anytime!
I just don't want to stop.   I have a duty.  There is a need for barking in any household.

I know what yo... More
What did one dog say to the other dog?    Meetcha at the stink!*

We're out running and playing, a lovely day, with the breeze blowing my hair and the sun warming... but wait!  There's something else on that breeze!  A heady aroma - drifting, tantalizing - coming from somewhere nearby.

I look around and see everyone has caught the smell.  Heads are raised, nos... More