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March 2012
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The trouble with Henry?  Well, there's really not any.  At least not anything major.  He always just looks like there is.

Pugs just naturally have funny faces, and since Henry's a pug, he goes right along with the pug crowd and wears his funny face everywhere he goes.

When the forehead wrinkles up and the eyes look distressed,  Henry seems very worried or very dep... More
Ever had a herding dog?  If you have, you know the answer to that question.  Herding dogs are incurably bossy.  They butt into other dogs' business all the time with the battle cry, I'll take care of this!  They must see themselves as Superdogs with capes flying out behind them.

For example...  My mother's mixed breed Jake used... More

The pasture spreads out before me in soft, rolling hills of green grass.  Cartwheels!  The idea hits me... a short run and then turn cartwheel after cartwheel, spinning across the grass, feeling joy and freedom.  All right, I'd have to turn back the clock almost forty years, but the feeling lingers.

Scout stands in the same pasture watching h... More
It's evening chewie time, and Jake and Chloe settle down on the floor in the den and start chomping.  For several minutes, the air is filled with the slurps and smacks and crunches that always accompany this ritual.  They work hard at their task, Jake holding his between his paws and gnawing, and Chloe chewing the whole thing all at once, head in the air.

A little while later, Jak... More