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February 2013
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I read in the local paper about a dog adoption event, and it got me thinking. A lot of my friends have connected with the right dog, and they get lots of love and companionship out of the bargain, so I decided I'd give it a try.

The event was only a few days away, but luckily they still had room for another human. Early on the bi... More

One of the quietest breeds I've ever had is the Australian Cattle Dog, aka Heeler.   A primary goal in the development of the breed was to produce a herding dog who worked without barking.

My Heeler/German Shepherd mix, Scout, generally follows the book.  She rarely barks.  But put her in the car, and all bets are off.

As soon as her paws hit the seat, she starts belting out her own special noise with great intensity.  She sounds like a hungry monkey who's spotted a bunch of bananas that's just out of reach.

It's not barking.  It's more like an over... More