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December 2012
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Three years ago, we moved from suburbia to the country.  The wide open spaces, the woods with walking trails we've blazed ourselves and the peace and quiet have been worth moving for, and the dogs love to be able to walk and run and play without leashes.

There is no "leash law" out here, and those residents who have been here all their lives take that to mean that their dogs can run wherever and whenever they please.

Every time we go anywhere in the car, we come upon dogs investigating things in the street or trotting along at the side of the road taking walks on their own.

As we drive along, they amble down their driveways or bound ... More

Getting sick is never fun.  But with one or more dogs around, getting sick can be a bit more difficult than just missing work or not doing all the things you need or want to do.  These are my top ten reasons that I absolutely CANNOT get sick!

10.    The dogs want out.

 9.     The dogs want in.

 8.     The dogs are hungry.