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November 2011
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Dogs can be separated into two distinct categories:  Face Lickers and Non Face Lickers.  The early dogs in my life I seem to remember as belonging to the Non category.  Although, the Old English Sheepdog, Buffy, we had when I was about 5 or so may have been a Face Licker.  I remember her knocking me over into the mud in the back yard at our house in Waco, TX, so maybe she was j… More
Time does not change.  It's always the same.  The sun rises and sets and the moon goes through its cycles independent of watches and clocks.

But humans change time twice a year by changing the numbers.  Whirl the hands or digital numbers on watches and clocks one hour back or forward, and then just obey what they say.

But dogs have an internal time system, and you can'… More