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January 2013
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Offensive.  One of those words that has more than one definition.  It can be an attack - as opposed to defensive - or it can be used to describe something that's somehow insulting.  In this case, I'm using it in both ways.

I wrote a little while back about how my dogs tend to shun me when I try to take pictures of them.  One turns away her head while the other simply tur... More
When I was a child, my mother would occasionally, not too often, bring home small, inexpensive gifts to my brother and me that had no relation to any special day and were just given out of the goodness of her heart.  She called such a little present a happy.

Nowadays, I mostly get happies from my dogs.  Not so much from Scout anymore, but Pippa is fond of searching out a special g... More
Before I got my camera, I would have said that all the world was my friend.  Well, maybe not ALL the world, but at least people and animals that I encountered tolerated my presence.

Then, I got that big (well, not so big, but bigger than my old one) black camera, and now, NOBODY loves me anymore!

It may be the fact that I've gotten to be one of those people who hardly ever sets ... More
... More
When it comes to photography, the art has always eluded me.  Being severely camera-challenged since birth, I have never aspired to anything more than the old point-and-shoot method.

About twenty-five years ago, back in the ancient days of film, I got my first camera, a Kodak pocket camera.  It was easy to operate and took wonderful pictures.  Perfect for a camera dummy. ... More
Scout and Pippa are mending their ways for the year 2013, and here are a few of the areas they've resolved to improve in the coming twelve months.

1. (Pippa)  I will not pop my racquetballs anymore.  Of course, since she bought those better ones that I can't pop no matter how hard I try, I don't have much of a poppin' chance, do I???

2. (Scout)  I will come when I'm ca... More