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January 2012
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I know lots of dog owners who give out treats a lot. I don't with Henry, my Pug, because Pugs get fat really easy, and to me, a fat Pug looks like a mini beached whale!

But I have one friend, Molly, who has a couple of dogs, Cocker Spaniels, and they don't just get treats, they demand them.  If you want them to do something, they won't do ... More
Did your head ever get hold of a song that you just couldn't shake out of it for days on end?  For a while, you stop thinking of that melody (which is fast becoming very annoying), then all of a sudden you're humming it again.  Your mind just keeps coming back to that same song, over and over.  It reminds me of a dog that finds something fascinating and has to return to it for days,... More