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Jul 30, 2013 by pippalou
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Some dogs love to chase cars, some get their kicks out of biting the tires.  My dog's a biter. Now, actually, she has an excuse. Pippa is a heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), a herding breed, and heelers live by the rule that if you want anything or anyone to move – or move faster – you just give them a nice sharp nip.

For people and large animals, nip at their heels. But rolling vehicles have no heels, so go for the wheels.

At least three or four rear tires on my bike have gone the way of all good things because Pippa thought I should be moving along at a quicker pace. I use the heavy trail bike tires, but even so, when Pippa gets a good whack at one, it gets plenty mad and starts hissing.

A hissing tire is soon a dead tire, but at least it gets to vent its venom before it goes. And I vent my venom afterwards. Not that it bothers Pippa much. She's quite sure she's done her job and done it well.

The riding lawn mower also gets the benefit of Pippa's teeth, but so far she hasn't attempted the big tractor. Those four foot high rear tires must be a bit intimidating.

I know a man whose tire-biting boxer can puncture car tires. Boxers aren't herders, so that dog has no ready excuse for tire biting except that it gives him a big thrill and impresses all the other dogs. When it comes to really killing them off, he has Pippa beat by a mile. Bike tires? Kindergarten stuff.

As for the chasers...

Zach, my mother's Sheltie, used to wait at one side of the front yard and when a car came by, he ran at top speed all the way to the other end of the yard, barking the whole way to let that car know it had some nerve driving past Zach's house!

After taking care of each trespasser, he trotted back to home base, head and tail held high. No car got the better of him!

Our rescued stray, a mutt named Jake, specialized in selective chasing. He only went for motorcycles and the UPS truck. And when he chased, he chased 'em good. I'm not sure how far he'd go, but he usually got over the hill and out of sight before he even thought of coming back.

I don't know what the UPS man ever did or said to him, but when Jake heard that UPS truck coming down the street, he lit out at a blazing speed, and by the time the truck came into view, Jake practically had his teeth on the back tire.

Where we live now is in the country, and to get to the grocery store, you drive about 20 miles on a rural road full of farms. Nothing along that road but crops, barns, cows, tractors, small farm houses near the road and farm dogs out lazing around the front.

Except for the Border Collie. No lazing for this one. He sees you coming and gets ready. You can see his eyes, alert and ready, the body tensed, waiting for the right moment. “Ready, Set, CHASE!” Your car whizzes past and he's on your tail. Not for long. He figures it's not the length of the chase, but the quality that counts.

No matter whether they're Chasers or Biters, the goal is a job well done. And they're awful proud of themselves when they achieve it! Who wouldn't be?

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