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Jan 27, 2013 by pippalou
Posted in category: Photography
Offensive.  One of those words that has more than one definition.  It can be an attack - as opposed to defensive - or it can be used to describe something that's somehow insulting.  In this case, I'm using it in both ways.

I wrote a little while back about how my dogs tend to shun me when I try to take pictures of them.  One turns away her head while the other simply turns and walks off.

So, for the most part, I've given up dog pictures for the time being.  Unless I can catch them unawares.  But I still take my camera along on our walks to take pictures of whatever else might seem photo-worthy in the woods.

In my BC (before camera) days, when I took the dogs on walks, my attention was basically reserved for them.  I might be pondering great blog posts or mentally making a shopping list, but to their way of thinking, I was at their beck and call at all times.

Nowadays, if I see something that has any photo potential, I stop, fool around with settings, haul up the camera and, as they used to say, give it the old college try.

In the first AC (after camera) days,  the dogs would come up and stare.  We're ready to move on now!  What are you doing?

Pippa,Pippa, Plotting the Offensive
I see you.  Hold on.  Just a couple of minutes.  I have to get this shot!  Then, they would wander around in the vicinity, waiting, occasionally staring over at me, baffled for the moment, but plotting all the while.

Now they have started their offensive.  Their rather offensive offensive.

Scout,Scout, Experienced Face Licker
Let's say I come across some lovely fungus on a rotten tree trunk, and the shot is best taken low to the ground.  I crouch down and do my little camera adjustments, and I'm all ready to start.

Unbeknownst to me, Scout has sauntered over and is lying (or rather standing) in wait.  I raise my camera, and she walks directly between the camera and my nice fungus.

Move! I say.  She doesn't.  Get out of the way!  I tell her.  She turns toward me and starts licking me in the face.  Very nice.  Nice dog kisses.  But not right now!!

I stand up and manage to send Scout on her way, crouch back down to get back to business, and it's Pippa's turn to block the shot.  Move! I say.  She doesn't.  Get out of the way!  I tell her.  Lo and behold, she does!  She nimbly hops up on that log and walks daintily along right on top of my fungus, giving me a stare of mocking defiance!

Danny, Dedicated Lap Sitter
My mother's dog, Danny, often comes on our walks, and mostly he's stayed out of this plot, but just a day or two ago, we went down to the pond, and he made his position clear.

It was a sunny day, although it had been wet a couple of days before, but disregarding all personal comfort, I decided to sit down at the side of the pond to take some pictures.  What's a bit of damp on the seat of your jeans when you're truly dedicated to that perfect photo?

So, there I sat, twisting knobs and pushing buttons for that exact camera setting, and Danny came over to put his face right over into mine.  Haven't you learned your lesson yet? he seemed to ask.

Move! I said.  So he sat in my lap.  Have you ever had a seventy-pound Golden Retriever sit in your lap?  No?  Try it some time.  It's an experience.

I know what you're thinking - leave the dogs at home.  But it won't work.  If I left them at home while I went walking around in their woods and visiting their pond, I'd never hear the end of it.

No, no.  I'll just continue on, despite all obstacles.  After all, one is supposed to suffer for one's art, isn't one?

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