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Jan 13, 2013 by pippalou
Posted in category: Photography
Before I got my camera, I would have said that all the world was my friend.  Well, maybe not ALL the world, but at least people and animals that I encountered tolerated my presence.

Then, I got that big (well, not so big, but bigger than my old one) black camera, and now, NOBODY loves me anymore!

It may be the fact that I've gotten to be one of those people who hardly ever sets foot out of the house without a camera hanging around her neck.  Those of you who do this probably understand completely.  I mean, what if you walk out without it and (horrors!) some great photo op turns up?  It's a frightening thought.  But there are some who just don't understand.

ScoutScout turns her head
My dogs have turned away from me completely.  Whenever we go for a walk, the camera comes along.  I can see them glaring at it as I come out of the house.

Once out on the trails, I admit I'm a bit merciless.  My eyes are always searching, searching for that rare and perfect something of which I can take a stunning, award-winning photo.

I haven't found it yet.

Seeing Scout posed just right for a shot, I raise the camera.  Scout turns her head away.  Even if I offer treats, she won't look at me!

I try for an interesting picture of Pippa.   Pippa turns and walks away.

DannyDanny drops his eyes in pity
As for videos, I don't have a chance.  I'll come upon Pippa stalking rabbits or moles, splashing around in the pond, or clambering around in the ravine.  A great video op!  The camera goes up, and Pippa stops. Stares. Refuses to move. 

My mother's dogs are no better.  Danny, her Golden Retriever, merely casts his eyes down toward the ground, as though it pains him to look at someone so pitiful.  Someone who just won't stop the camera nonsense, though everyone shuns her.

Joey, her Papillon, just ignores me completely.  Fine, take a picture of me, see if I care.  But I'm NOT going to look at you!  And I bet it's blurry, too!!  He's usually right.

JoeyJoey won't look, and it's blurry too!
As for Rocky the Pom... Rocky has no tolerance whatsoever for this rank invasion of his privacy with cameras.  He gives me a stare of complete derision, turns around and waddles off in his fluffy way.  There's nothing more demeaning that being stared at derisively by a nine-pound fluff ball!

And it isn't only the dogs.  When I try to take pictures of birds perching on wires or tree limbs, all I have to do is raise the camera and they turn their backs on me.

EtEt tu, Bluebird?
A couple of days ago, there was a hawk soaring low overhead, a chance I'd been waiting for.  I raised the camera, and it started flapping madly to get away.  Who told that hawk about me???

So far, I've avoided taking pictures of any people.  It would be too humiliating to set the aperture, adjust the shutter speed, get the zoom all ready, only to raise my camera and see the backs of everybody's heads.  I can just hear the whispers, Shhhhh!  Be quiet.  Don't move.  We're hoping she'll go away!

So far, I've been lucky with trees and plants.  But when Spring comes, I won't be surprised if new, blossoming flowers wither as I approach.

Once the trees get their act together, they'll probably telescope down into the ground as I wander past them in the woods, waiting for me to get out of sight before they shoot back up out of the ground.

I never knew the life of a photographer was so sad and lonely.  Or is it just me?  Could it all be a statement on my photographic abilities?  Should I return that new camera?  Should I stick to knitting for a hobby?

There's only one problem with that.  I never learned how to knit!

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