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Jan 4, 2013 by pippalou
Posted in category: Photography
When it comes to photography, the art has always eluded me.  Being severely camera-challenged since birth, I have never aspired to anything more than the old point-and-shoot method.

About twenty-five years ago, back in the ancient days of film, I got my first camera, a Kodak pocket camera.  It was easy to operate and took wonderful pictures.  Perfect for a camera dummy.  Oops, sorry - camera-challenged individual.

I took it on some short vacation trips and on my more memorable trip to London in 1989, where I got some nice, ordinary, ho-hum shots of things like Kensington Gardens, the Tower of London, the Royal Albert Hall, family, friends and so on.

A year or so later, some small part broke that had to do with rewinding the film, and no one would fix it for me.  So much for my beloved first camera.

My next pocket camera, still back in the golden era of film, was an Olympus.  It wasn't as good as my Kodak, but it worked pretty well until, one day,  I forgot it in my backpack and threw the backpack in the washing machine, camera included.   (I told you I was a camera dummy!)

The digital era arrived, and for a long time, I went camera-less.  I didn't really need one, and, at the beginning, they cost more than I was willing to pay.

MyMy Nikon pocket camera - ain't she sweet?
When they finally had the good sense to make digital pocket cameras, I plunged back into the world of point-and-shoot.  For $80, I got a little Nikon that isn't too bad, takes pictures that aren't too bad, and so far has survived being owned by me.

So, what's my problem now?  Well, look at all the photos on the Internet.  Some exceptional, some lousy, and lots more that fall everywhere in between.  How can anyone be content with so-so P&S shots in this day and age?  I mean, if THEY can all do it, so can I!!  Right???

My $80 camera suddenly seemed wildly inadequate.  I purchased a Nikon with 36x optical zoom and full HD videos.  Not the big time yet - no SLR, no changeable lenses - but it's better than before.  You can even set the shutter speed and aperture in this one!!

Of course, it might work better if I knew what it all meant!

MyMy new Nikon P500
Now, if I can only keep the camera steady and in focus,  remember to take the lens cap off, stop hitting the on/off button when I'm ready to snap a picture, refrain from dropping the camera or unwittingly tossing it in the washing machine, I may manage to take one really good picture before the end.  Of me or the camera, whichever comes first.

Current Likes: 3
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