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Jan 1, 2013 by pippalou
Posted in category: Dogs
Scout and Pippa are mending their ways for the year 2013, and here are a few of the areas they've resolved to improve in the coming twelve months.

1. (Pippa)  I will not pop my racquetballs anymore.  Of course, since she bought those better ones that I can't pop no matter how hard I try, I don't have much of a poppin' chance, do I???

2. (Scout)  I will come when I'm called like I did when I was a young dog.  Right away.  If I feel like it.  And if there isn't anything more important on hand...or should I say, on nose.

3.  (Pippa)  I won't snag HER place on the sofa.  Until she gets up.

4.  (Both)  I won't stick my nose in where it doesn't belong (like into those loaded bags from the grocery store).  Unless, of course, I smell something really good to eat.

5.  (Scout)  I won't whine anymore when I watch the videos on this site.  I'll bark instead!

6.  (Pippa)  I'll keep up with my ball all the time, on the walks, in the house, everywhere I take it.  Except when I forget to pick it up again after I drop it.

7.  (Scout)  I'll stop giving HER that 'pitiful me' look every time she starts to go anywhere.  As long as she always remembers to take me with her.

8,  (Scout)  I promise not to try to tear up a brand-new frisbee as soon as I get it.  Is five minutes long enough to wait???

9.  (Pippa)  I'll quit tearing the eyes and noses off of the stuffed animals, thus making holes in them, as soon as they quit having all those yards and yards of  nice white fluffy stuff inside that's endless fun to pull out and toss away.

10.  (Both)  I'll be a really good girl, and I'll sit and stay so nice and always obey HER and never be noisy and I won't beg for treats unless I really, really want one.

(HER)  Sounds to me like this year is going to be completely different!

We're going to be SO good!

Current Likes: 2
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