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It had been a long day. Lots of closed doors, rustling noises, giggles and secret smiles. As usual, anytime it was a holiday, Bozer couldn't seem to find the right spot to stay out of everyone's way.  And Christmas Eve day was no exception.

It got quieter when the kids were sent to bed and Mom and Dad went out to their b… More

Dogs can be separated into two distinct categories:  Face Lickers and Non Face Lickers.  The early dogs in my life I seem to remember as belonging to the Non category.  Although, the Old English Sheepdog, Buffy, we had when I was about 5 or so may have been a Face Licker.  I remember her knocking me over into the mud in the back yard at our house in Waco, TX, so maybe she was j… More
Time does not change.  It's always the same.  The sun rises and sets and the moon goes through its cycles independent of watches and clocks.

But humans change time twice a year by changing the numbers.  Whirl the hands or digital numbers on watches and clocks one hour back or forward, and then just obey what they say.

But dogs have an internal time system, and you can'… More
The afternoon of that fall day, the whole house was in an uproar.  Everyone running here and there, and nobody wanting me around.  Get out of my way, Bozer!  Bozer, would you please move!  Bozer, don't lie down there!

There were only two options, sulk or sleep.  I chose both.  Before … More
Life nowadays is simple for a dog.  Well, for a dog with a good home anyway.  After all, a dog's needs themselves are pretty simple, aren't they?  I mean, shelter, food and someone to give you some love and attention now and then, what else does a dog need?

Oh, I know!  I forgot squeaky toys!  Every dog must have at least one squeaky toy.  What else are you goi… More
We took our morning walk at about 7am.  It was a bit cooler than usual, thanks to a cloud cover, so I felt especially chipper.  We had almost gotten back to the house when I smelled this really powerful aroma coming from somewhere over in the high grass.

Everyone else headed inside, but I lagged behind and trotted over to investigate.   Even at ten years old, I still have a g… More
When you're a kid, it's a romantic idea to find a stray dog and have it follow you home.  Lots of times it doesn't work out the way you want it to.  The dog decides to go a different route, or already has a home, or your parents won't let you keep it.  I never found my own stray when I was a kid.  It took a lot longer than that.

A little less than fourteen years ago, I f… More
Saturday afternoon, and I just got through doing about 2 1/2 hours worth of mowing.  I'm really ready to just sit down in my favorite chair, put my feet up and rest, have a nice cold drink and read a book for a while.

Pippa walks out the dog door squeaking her little man toy, and I think, Oh, good, she's going out by herself for a change.  Not 30 seconds later, she's back in and l… More
There are many ways to get the attention of your human.  And since they don't pay enough attention naturally, you have to force them pretty often.  They get distracted so easily.  They sit and gaze at different sorts of screens or open up blocks full of pages and look at them and turn the pages until it just drives you to distraction.&n… More

It was time for the annual vet visit for both of my dogs, and since they're usually very well-behaved, I decided to take them together.

During the 20minute ride… More