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Three years ago, we moved from suburbia to the country.  The wide open spaces, the woods with walking trails we've blazed ourselves and the peace and quiet have been worth moving for, and the dogs love to be able to walk and run and play without leashes.

There is no "leash law" out here, and those residents who have been here all their lives take that to mean that their dogs can run wherever and whenever they please.

Every time we go anywhere in the car, we come upon dogs investigating things in the street or trotting along at the side of the road taking walks on their own.

As we drive along, they amble down their driveways or bound ... More

Getting sick is never fun.  But with one or more dogs around, getting sick can be a bit more difficult than just missing work or not doing all the things you need or want to do.  These are my top ten reasons that I absolutely CANNOT get sick!

10.    The dogs want out.

 9.     The dogs want in.

 8.     The dogs are hungry.
Pippa loves racquetballs.  You could carve it on a tree trunk with a heart around it, and you wouldn't go wrong.  No other ball will do as well for this dog.

Problem is, racquetballs pop.  And they pop easily.  Pippa has it down to a science.  A few well-placed chomps of the teeth and any racquetball will split in two, usually in under a minute.  Our lab we use... More
Build a better squeaky toy, and Pippa and I will beat a path to your door.

Pippa is a Squeaker.  Or, in other words, a die-hard squeaky toy addict.  She got started on fluffy little stuffed toys that have a plastic squeaker inside.  Those were nice, but when I brought home one of those tennis balls that has the little tube type squeaker stuck into it, she went nuts.

Sh… More
Fall and winter is the time of year when the dogs and I ramble around for hours in the woods.  No bugs that bite, only brambles that catch, and it's easier to negotiate through low-growing trees that have fewer leaves.

Through the middle of our woods is a ravine, and at any given point it's depth may be anywhere from two to twenty feet.  The sides are mostly dirt and roots.  In some spots, there are plants and trees growing horizontally out of the sheer walls.  When the rain is heavy enough, it's a swift running creek, and at the deepest points, the water has eroded everything away except for smoo... More
The autumn wind blows across the front pasture, turning the four-foot high grasses into a tossing ocean of dark red, green and gold.  In the back, the two dogs ponder the new devastation.  Not a blade of grass over 6 inches high, save that here and there a few stripped stalks of Johnson grass stand drunkenly defiant.

No tall grass back here anymore.  No rabbits feeding, no mo… More
What happens in a dog's day?  You take them out to play once or twice, take them on a walk or two, maybe brush them a bit, feed them, and the rest of the time they're on their own.

But if you think they're just lying around daydreaming, think again.  Every dog, no matter what breed, size or number of gray cells knows how to Watch and Learn.

Lots of my friends have told me a… More
Dog training does not have to be difficult.  It can be frustrating for you and for your dog, but keep in mind a few basic things to make the training easier for everybody.

Have Patience!  Patience is very important when training a dog.  As long as you stay calm and control your temper, you'll have a better chance of communicating effectively with your dog.  Yellin… More

Something rough and wet strokes my cheek. It's 5:30 am. The wake-up alarm system is in perfect order – a gentle lick from Pippa, a slobbery slurp from Scout.

I groan and hide under the covers. “Come on, please, just 15 more minutes?”

Plan B goes into effect. A forty-pound weight (Pippa) takes up residence on my stomach and canine claws (Scout's) scrape furiously at the pillow and my hair. “All right, all right!! I'm up!!”  Plan B always works.

You see how it is?  All through the ages they've said that Man is Master, and Dog is... well, dog.  But I don't think so.&... More

I hand out two bones to Scout & Pippa.  To me, these bones are basically the same, not much to choose between them.  How little humans know about bones!

The dogs start in on them.  Scout goes to work assiduously, licking, biting, gnawing away.  Nothing exists but the bone.

Pippa looks at her bone...looks at Scout's bone... Then she considers hers again, licks ... More